Exclusive breastfeeding is where the mother is solely responsible for the child’s every meal and all the nutrients they require in a day. This can be well draining and a big responsibility on the mother, where she has to be extra conscious about her water intake, her diet and also meet with the demand of extra calories required because your body is constantly making milk and you need energy to do that. Not only this but many women face trouble while nursing their babies like pain, blocked milk ducts, latching issues and low milk supply which is one of the most distressing concerns for a newly turned mother.

To overcome this issue and to gain some extra calories, the best option is lactating cookies which are easy to consume and give a boost to your milk supply amazingly. They are known as healthy snacks because of the ingredients included in it. MILKYMAMA has a variety of lactation treats available on their site with full information about ingredients and its usage. It’s a reliable site, who’s owner is registered nurse and internationally board certified lactation consultant and their lactation snacks have worked wonders for many.

What are lactation cookies?

 Lactation cookies are also commonly known as breastfeeding cookies because they work on the milk supply of nursing mothers by increasing it significantly. These cookies have healthy and potent ingredients that help nourish new mums. They are not like regular cookies, loaded with just white flour or sugars and sweetened chocolate, instead they have some effective galactogogues like flaxseeds or brewer’s yeast that helps increase milk supply.

The recipes may vary but the main focus is on providing feeding mothers with vital nutrients and vitamins along with improving their breast stimulation as well. These days, it’s a great trend of ready-made lactation products like lactating cookies, smoothies, lattes or emergency lactation brownies. They come in different versions according to different needs like fenugreek free, gluten free or even dairy and soy free.

Active ingredients found in lactation cookies

The way a lactation cookie is designed is to provide mothers with healthy calories as snacks and to increase milk supply too. They contain ingredients which have good fats, provide sustainable energy and some power packed multi vitamins. This’ll not only help in increasing the quantity of the milk but will also help improving the quality of milk also, helping in a healthy weight gain of the baby.

The common ingredients found in almost every lactating cookie are oats, flaxseeds, brewer’s yeast and fenugreek. You can even add more nuts and seeds along with semi-sweet chocolate chips for better taste in cookie mixes available. Here is some brief information about these components added in these cookies.

1- Oats

A great lactogenic food which is rich in beta-glucans that helps in providing sustainable energy for a longer time because it prevents a spike in blood sugar levels. Oats are loaded with magnesium and B-complex along with other minerals, which are great to add in your daily diet. Try to have them as cereal, porridge or in a smoothie as a breakfast for maintaining great energy levels throughout the day.

2- Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds is a great source of dietary fiber, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and micronutrients such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, copper and selenium too. It works on the hormone prolactin, which increases the milk production quickly. It may also lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin tolerance as well.

3- Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a form of fungus which is a stellar source of B vitamins, chromium, selenium and protein. It helps especially the mother in dealing with baby blues, postpartum depression, helps boost energy and supports the nervous system. However, it may cause some gas or diarrhea or upset stomach too, so be careful while using it.


A popular aromatic herb with phyto-estrogens which are very similar to estrogens which works on the milk making hormones to increase milk supply in nursing mothers. Though be forewarned: many babies and mothers develop maple syrup smell in their sweat and urine after using this herb.

When to start taking lactation cookies?

You can start taking these treats like lactating cookies, brownies or smoothies in the last weeks of your pregnancy to start breast stimulation and the activity of milk making in the breasts. The ingredients are all pregnancy safe, this much safe that even the dad to be can also consume them without any worry. They typically take 24 to 72 hours before they show a good increase in milk supply. Take them regularly after your baby is born, most ideally in the morning to have a great milk supply all day.

How many lactation cookies to be consumed per day?

Though it’s a healthy snack which is tasty and yummy like emergency lactation brownies, cookie mix, latte mix or smoothies but still you need to consume them in moderation. Otherwise it can lead to breast engorgement, upset stomach, bloating, gas or diarrhea too. so it has been advised to use them only 1 or 2 per day, as advised or required according to your needs.

Do lactation cookies work?

Lactation cookies have galactogogues including many foods and herbs that aren’t scientifically proven that’ll help in increase in milk supply but many lactation experts, nutritionist, herbalist and midwives highly recommend them because they’ve produced significant results. Many mums eat lactation cookies for their personal satisfaction, as they’re healthy snacks that help nourish their bodies while nursing their babies along with a boost in milk supply too. For these reasons and more, the simple answer is that yes, lactation cookies work on many feeding mothers as they’ve experienced good results out of it while exceptions are always there.

Final words

These lactation cookies are not just a trend but are really useful and helpful for many mothers struggling with low milk supply and want some nutrient dense snack to gear up their day with full of energy and by staying active too. However, they’ve gained popularity because of the busy life everyone has and everybody needs and demands something ready to eat and consume, with the perfect combination of potent ingredients that helps increase milk supply and these tasty treats serve the purpose exactly the way you want.